UP Ikot/Toki Route

File:UP Ikot.JPG

UP Diliman prides itself as the only campus (in Metro Manila, at least) which has a mode of transportation it can call its very own: the iconic UP Ikot. The jeep with the yellow roof is a pillar of UP culture, having been around since the university’s early years and still surviving up until now.

Faithful to its name, the Ikot jeepney goes around most of the almost 500-hectare campus to bring students from one end of the campus to another. As students are usually not relegated to only one building for most of their academic year, this mode of transportation is used by students who do not have access to a private vehicle to go from one building to the next. It is considerably faster than walking as the University is one big campus. The Ikot goes around most of the main buildings while the Toki, despite being the opposite of the word Ikot, is not relegated only to the route exactly opposite of the Ikot. There are some areas which the Toki goes through which the Ikot does not (i.e. Math building, Office of the University Registrar).

Regular Ikot fare is P6.50, regardless of how many times you go around the campus and a peso lower than regular jeepney fare.

So before the Ikot and the Toki become obsolete, and to help you in deciding which jeepney route to take when traversing the campus, here’s a detailed map from the online forum PEx of the different routes in the University.


Click on the image to view the larger version.

Maria Angelica Perez


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